The most and Powerful
way to find the best candidates is BeMyBoss!

No need to advertise, no need to screen. Just upload your requirements and we do the rest for you.


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There is a huge number of passive job seekers in the world

who are only accessible here

You can get in touch with them in a simple, quick and efficient way.


Your automated headhunter

You will be amazed, we promise



Our passive seekers are available nowhere else


Quick results

Our unique and intelligent search algorithm delivers you the best matches quickly.


Quality hire

The candidates you receive will accurately match your requirements.


Alert function

If there is no match in the database for you at the moment our system will alert you when someone exciting registers.

How does it work?

We transform and summarize the CV's of our registered users into a format that makes it easy for you to find them based on the skills and competencies you are looking for.

Once presented with a list of prospect cadidates, you'll be able to send them your personalized message and job description.

If they find it attractive and thus there is a match, they will uncover themselves and you can get in touch directly.

You also receive their full CV at this point and the recruitment process can continue in the usual way.

Our solution uses artifical intelligence for the matching process to ensure accurate results.

What our customers say

It's terribly hard to find proper candidates nowadays. We are more than delighted to welcome any sourcing solution that makes our work easier.
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Plasticast Hungary Ltd
Production company in North-East of Hungary

BeMyBoss is a perfect tool to help us find exactly those people who we need at my company while saving us from wasting our time with candidate screening.
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Apostol Informatika Ltd

Frequently asked questions
How long time does it take to find a candidate here?

Basically immediately, but less than 24 hours you will have perfect-match candidates and you can organize interviews with them.

How does it change my normal recruitment process?

We will make it simpler and faster. You don't have to search for candidates and screen tons of CV's anymore.

How is this better than all the others?

Currently you have no access to passive candidates except of BeMyBoss. Plus, our matching algorithm makes the recruitment process uniqely easy and quick.

Do I need a special IT background for using this?

No, our service is fully online, so all you need is an internet access.

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The most Advanced and Powerful
way to get the passive seekers is