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Job search sucks

We know: finding a new job is hard. You need to fill out thousands of forms,

send thousands of emails and you don't even get replies.

Now this is over!


Your personal job agent

You will be be delighted with us, we're quite sure


We take care of you

We keep your profile anonymous and you will have full control on who can see your details.


Let them to find you

Not you, but your future employer will search and reach out for you. You only need to answer their contact request if you like what's being offered.


Know your value

Ever wondered what's your value is on the job market? Now you will know that: contact requests from employers always include a proposed salary.


Get direct access to Employers

We bring to you the most desirable companies and you will have direct access to them if you fit their expectations. Or the right headhunter will find you easily.

How does it work?

After uploading your CV or filling your details we will anonimize your profile (remove your name, photo, contact details, the name of your current and past employers).

When your future Employer seeks for a new colleague we'll show them your anonym profile. If they think it's a match they'll send you a contact request with a detailed description of the position, including the salary.

If you like it you can get in touch directly after accepting the request. You'll introduce yourself and the recruitment process can go on as usual. Except this time both of you'll be eager to talk to each other.

It's never been easier!

If you are an Employer...

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Frequently asked questions
Why is this easier than usual job search?

Because you only have to upload your data only once. After that we will do everything to find the Employers you are a good fit with based on your wishes and skills. Of course you need to share your preferences with us.

For how long will my profile be active?

For 6 months, by default. Most probably you are going to find your dream job during that time. We encourage you to stay with us as long as you wish, you never know...

How much does it cost for me?

It's free for job seekeres. (Not a single cent.)

What does anonymity mean? How will you anonimise my profile?

We will remove all your personal data, the names of your current and past employers and any information by which may identify you. Only your skills and competencies remain.

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The Simplest Yet The Most Powerful
way to make your dream job to find you is BeMyBoss